Cannabis Pioneer Extends Reach With New How-To Book

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Cannabis Pioneer Extends Reach With New How-To Book

Cannabis Pioneer Extends Reach With New How-To Book

Debby Goldsberry, co-founder of Berkeley Patients Group, wrote Idiot’s Guides: Starting and Running a Marijuana Business in a brisk five months, and it hit bookstore shelves in June.

The timing couldn’t be better, as the adult recreational use of marijuana becomes fully legal in California on Jan. 1. But that’s not what motivated Goldsberry, now executive director of Magnolia Wellness in Oakland, to write the book. “I had just been reading an article that said the best way to build your brand is to write a book,” Goldsberry said, so she raised the idea with the Magnolia marketing director. On Facebook a few days later, one of her friends posted, “Does anyone want to write an Idiot’s Guide about starting and running a marijuana business?”

Spurred on by that coincidence, Goldsberry fleshed out the publisher’s skeletal table of contents, submitted a sample chapter, and won the book contract. She was off and running.


Idiot’s Guides: Starting and Running a Marijuana Business

The most comprehensive and easy-to-understand guide to starting and running a marijuana business.

Legal marijuana is one of the fastest growing industries on the planet, and aspiring entrepreneurs are chomping at the bit to get in on the "green rush." However, while starting any new business can be challenging, starting one in an emerging field with a new and changing legal landscape can be downright daunting.

But whether your ambition is to start a grow facility or cannabis dispensary, Idiot's Guides: Starting & Running a Marijuana Business will help you navigate this complex industry with careful planning and special considerations to make the most of your new venture.

In this comprehensive overview, you get:

- Best practices for securing locations and permits, dealing with the financial restraints from the U.S. Government, and managing all of the day-to-day aspects of running a business.

- Insights on the legal challenges from state-to-state and how to navigate them to maximize earning potential.

- Expert advice on locating cultivation/dispensary sites, creating a business plan, securing finances, training staff, dealing with security measures, paying taxes, and offering medical patient counseling.

- Marketing strategies to ensure the business grows and operates legally and effectively.

- Checklists for any owner and manager to incorporate in their business and training to ensure all systems are covered.

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