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Liquid Eyebrow Pen
Liquid Eyebrow Pen
Liquid Eyebrow Pen
Liquid Eyebrow Pen
Liquid Eyebrow Pen
Liquid Eyebrow Pen

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Liquid Eyebrow Pen

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Stylish waterproof micro-blading liquid eyebrow pen is the new sensation and makes life a little easy for every woman out there. The pen gives you a perfectly clean look just in a few strokes. The stylish pen has four tip applicators to get the perfect shape.
Liquid Eyebrow Pen
Worried about a date or a meeting on a hot summer afternoon. How long till the makeup washes away? In that case, presenting you with the stylish waterproof liquid eyebrow pen. All-day sweat can’t wash it off. While you use a tissue to get the excess oil and realized smudged your eyebrow, this won't happen with this product as it is smudge-proof.
Liquid Eyebrow Pen
The stylish micro-blading eyebrow pen gives you a semi-permanent look with the help of micro blades in the tip of the applicator. With all other benefits, the trendy liquid eyebrow pen gives you a guarantee to stay and look perfect for 24 hours.
Liquid Eyebrow Pen

Customer Reviews

Based on 109 reviews

Super! Thank you! Very convenient and beautiful)

The best, and thanks for the great review

Resistant, convenient to draw hairs. I ordered the color number 4 it is very dark with a gray shade. I have very dark eyebrows on my own. Therefore it looks natural, but I recommend only brunettes.

Thank you for your tip and great review

It's perfect. I tried it in my hand and after drying out, if you rub it, it won't go away. Good product!

Good to hear so many good reviews, thank you for your purchase

The marker is good, but for me the color is dark, straight black. and so probably it would be good.


I recommend it.